Craig became a professional journalist when he was a teenager, working for the local newspaper in his hometown of Coffeyville, Kansas. Over the years, he has written hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles — on topics ranging from technology to the history of Broadway to the care and feeding of happy llamas. Now based in New York City, he has also written and edited dozens of web pages and several books. Most of his books are available on; sometimes those that are out-of-print are offered on eBay. For more information about his Dark Shadows books, visit Dark Shadows Online.

Books Currently in Print:

The TV Tidbits Classic Television Trivia Quiz Book
Published in February 2004, iUniverse

The TV Tidbits Classic Television Trivia Quiz Book, is available in bookstores and online.

How much do you know about your favorite TV shows?

On Dallas, who shot JR?

What town do The Simpsons live in?

What did Donna's husband do for a living on The Donna Reed Show?

If you can rattle off answers to questions like these -- click here to take some quizzes adapted from the book. And for more information about the TV Tidbits book series, visit TV Tidbits Online.


Barnabas & Company:
The Cast of the TV Classic Dark Shadows
Published in August 2003, iUniverse

Barnabas & Co., is a unique look at the actors who catapulted Dark Shadows to its position as a cult phenomenon, featuring cast biographies, trivia, and a small gallery of photos.

Visit Dark Shadows Online to learn more about DS and about the book.

Click here to buy it now on


Big Lou:
The Life and Career of Actor Louis Edmonds

Published in March 2003, iUniverse
(An earlier version was released by Clique Publishing, 1994)

Big Lou, the biography of Louis Edmonds (Roger on Dark Shadows) was first published in 1994. After Louis' death in 2001, Hamrick revised and expanded it, conducting extensive research and further interviews with Louis' co-stars. That memorial edition is available online: Click here.

For more information, about Big Lou, click here.



The Dark Shadows Collectibles Book
Published in 1998, Pomegranate Press

The Dark Shadows Collectibles Book, a comprehensive, fully illustrated look at the games, toys, puzzles, books, and other official DS merchandise was published by Pomegranate Press in 1998.

The Dark Shadows Collectibles Book is no longer available in bookstores, but can only be purchased at the Pomegranate Press website and at Dark Shadows Festivals. For more information, click here


As a consulting editor, Hamrick has worked on a variety of projects, including several TV-related books, such as I'd Rather Eat Than Act, a cookbook by classic TV star Diana Millay; Lucy: A to Z: The Lucille Ball Encyclopedia by Michael Karol; On Stage & In Shadows, a career memoir by Broadway veteran Marie Wallace.

You can read about Diana and Marie's extensive careers at their personal sites DianaMillay Online and Marie Wallace Online. And learn more about Lucy A to Z at author Michael Karol's site.

Craig is working on a set of essays for possible publication in a new book sometime in 2006. In the meantime, he's previewing them here:
Me and My Shadows
I was an avid reader as a kid, and my favorite books were a series of paperbacks based on the TV show Dark Shadows. As a shy, closeted gay kid growing up in a small Kansas town, I identified with DS' main characters: a vampire who had to hide his true personality from everyone around him, and a naive governess searching for clues to her identity. When I grew up, DS became an important part of my career and of my personal life. I've written several books about it, and some of the cast members have become a few of my closest friends. Click here to read about my fairly healthy obsession the cult classic.

My Favorite Soap Diva: Iris Carrington
As much as I do love Dark Shadows, I have to admit my favorite soap when I was a kid was a short-lived spin-off of Another World, called Texas. And there was one reason: It featured the ultimate soap diva, Iris Carrington, played to the hilt by one of the greatest TV actresses of all time: Beverlee McKinsey. Click here to read about my love of Iris.

A Trailer Park Encounter with the Boy Wonder
These days, I'm pretty obsessed with TV trivia, and it's an interest that dates back to my childhood. My brother Mark and I met Burt Ward, the actor who played Robin on Batman, one of our favorite TV shows. We each asked him a trivia question, but his answers weren't quite what we were hoping for. Click here to read about it.