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Trivia Quiz One:
Test your knowledge about TV classics:

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1. What sitcom’s theme song started out, “Come and knock on our door…”?

2. What kind of animal was Gentle Ben?

3. What former Miss America played Barnaby Jones’ assistant?

4. Who was Trapper John, M.D.'s sidekick?

5. What was the name of the hotel featured on Hotel?

6. What was the name of The Love Boat?

7. Which title character of Holmes and Yoyo was a robot? Who played the two title characters?

8. Name the three Lawrence children on Family.

9. What type of dwelling did Jim Rockford live in, on The Rockford Files?

10. Who played Sally, the “wife” half of McMillan and Wife, opposite Rock Hudson?

11. What type of colorfully painted vehicle did Shirley pilot in The Partridge Family?

12. What was the name of the Duke boys’ car on The Dukes of Hazzard?

13. What comic strip character did Jay North play?

14. What actress guest-starred as Lucy’s eccentric librarian roommate on The Lucy Show?

15.Why did Jamie Sommers require bionic parts on The Bionic Woman? Which of Jamie’s body parts were bionic?

16. Name the hospital on Emergency.

17. What real-life U.S. Vice President publicly criticized Murphy Brown’s title character for being an unwed mother?

18. What was the occupation of Donna’s husband on The Donna Reed Show?

19. What was the name of Buck’s robot sidekick on Buck Rogers in the 25th Century?

20. How did the final episode of Benson end?

21. What was J.J.’s explosive catchphrase on Good Times? What future pop singing sensation played Penny on the show?

22. What section of New York was the setting for Barney Miller?

23. How did each episode of Mork & Mindy end?

24. What storybook characters were the two main characters of The Charmings?

25. What type of doctor did Gloria work for on the All in the Family spin-off Gloria? What former Batman villain played the doctor?

26. How were Charlie’s Angels Jill and Kris Munroe related?

27. What was unusual about the character Jennifer on Jennifer Slept Here?

28. Why did Peter marry Dora on I Married Dora?

29. What was Flo’s catchphrase on Alice?

30. In the somber final moments of the last episode of Roseanne, it was revealed that recent, bizarre episodes had been Roseanne’s fantasies, and that one of the main characters had died. Who passed away?

31. What former star of Private Secretary provided the voice for the mother/car on My Mother the Car?

32. On Logan’s Run, what type of vehicle did Logan and Jessica use? What is the name of their robot companion?

33. What actor starred in four of the five original The Planet of the Apes films and on the TV series?

34. What was the name of Caroline’s cat on Caroline in the City?

35. Which of the Golden Girls starred in Date With the Angels (1957-58)? What did Mr. Angel do for a living?

36. Lucille Ball’s 1948 radio show My Favorite Husband made it to TV in the 1950s without Lucille. Who took over her leading role, as Liz? What was Liz’s husband’s occupation?

37. Which game show did movie star Burt Reynolds help invent, based on a game he and his pals had perfected in his home?

38. What happened when contestants said “the secret word” on Groucho Marx’s 1950s game show You Bet Your Life?

39. If That 70s Show was a smash hit, wouldn’t another decade fare just as well? Um…no. Name the failed series that tried to follow in 70s’ footsteps.

40. Even the most brilliant comic ever to grace the small screen had a misfire. Name Lucille Ball’s only TV flop, which lasted a couple of months in 1986.

41. Name the three purrrrrr-fect actresses who played Catwoman on the Batman TV series and the film based on it.

42. In what magazine did Lyle Waggoner, who played Wonder Woman’s boyfriend Steve Trevor, pose nude in the 1970s?

43. What future movie star had a recurring role on Wonder Woman as Wonder Girl?

44. What color was The Incredible Hulk?

45. What supernatural soap star played David Banner’s doomed wife on the first episode of The Incredible Hulk?

46. The Saturday morning kids’ show Electrawoman and Dynagirl starred one of daytime’s most enduring soap stars as Electrawoman. Name the actress and her Days of Our Lives character.

47. What famous movie witch played Morticia’s mother, Esther, on The Addams Family?

48. What was the name of Cindy’s doll, on The Brady Bunch?

49. Which famous magical creature did Imogene Coca guest star as, on Bewitched?

50. What was The Munsters’ street address?

1. Three’s Company
2. A black bear
3. Lee Meriwether
4. Gonzo Gates
5. The St. Gregory
6. The Pacific Princess
7. Yoyo (John Schuck) was the robot. Richard B. Shull played Holmes.
8. Buddy (Kristy MacNichol), Nancy (Meredith Baxter Birney), and Willie (Gary Frank)
9. A trailer
10. Susan Saint James
11. An old school bus
12. The General Lee
13. Dennis the Menace
14. Carol Burnett
15. A skydiving accident left her body badly battered. Both legs, an arm, and one ear were all made bionic.
16. Rampart Hospital
17. Dan Quayle
18. He’s a pediatrician.
19. Twiki, voiced by Mel Blanc (best known for voicing Bugs Bunny)
20. Benson and Governor Gatling were watching election returns; they were running against each other for the office of governor. The winner was not revealed.
21. Dyn-o-mite!; Janet Jackson
22. Barney’s squad room was located in Greenwich Village.
23. Mork reported in to his boss, Orson.
24. The show featured Prince Charming and Snow White living in the 1980s.
25. A veterinarian played by Burgess Meredith (Batman’s Penguin)
26. They were sisters.
27. She was a ghost.
28. He married his maid so she wouldn’t be deported.
29. “Kiss my grits!”
30. Roseanne’s husband, Dan
31. Ann Sothern
32. A solar-powered hovercraft; Rem
33. Roddy McDowall played Galen in the TV series, and two characters in the films: Cornelius and Caesar.
34. Salty
35. Betty White; insurance salesman
36. Joan Caulfield played Liz from 1953 to ’55; Vanessa Brown took over the role in 1955. Liz’s husband, George (Barry Nelson) was a banker.
37. Win, Lose or Draw. The set was even designed to resemble Burt’s living room.
38. A fake duck would descend, holding prize money.
39. That 80s Show
40. Life with Lucy
41. Eartha Kitt, Lee Meriwether, and Julie Newmar
42. Playgirl
43. Debra Winger
44. Green
45. Lara Parker, who also played Angelique on Dark Shadows
46. Deidre Hall has played Marlena Evans Brady on and off since 1976.
47. Esther was played by Margaret Hamilton, most famous for portraying the Wicked Witch of the West in the film classic The Wizard of Oz.
48. Kitty Carry-All
49. She played Mary, the Good Fairy (the tooth fairy), who tricked Samantha into taking over her tooth-gathering duties.
50. 1313 Mockingbird Lane


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