The Rookery

photos by Craig Hamrick

The Rookery was the Long Island home of my friend Louis Edmonds, who passed away in March of 2001. Louis was an actor, best-known for his work on Dark Shadows (as Roger Collins) and All My Children (as Langely Wallingford). He bought the Rookery in 1966, the year I was born.

When I moved to New York in 1994, I asked Louis if I could write an article about his life and career. That ended up being an entire book, and we became great friends. As I spent weekends at the Rookery, interviewing Louis and going through his extensive collection of clippings about his work, I carried along my camera and started snapping pictures. Over the years, I took hundreds. Below are a few of my favorites. I'll add more soon.

barnsnow church fencesnow fire ghost
guesttv leaves lou rookwindow stairs

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